"Let Go and Let God"

In John 6:40 Jesus declared, "For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day." Overcome your fears and let God through the Holy Spirit mold you and rule your life. Be happy as you trust in Jesus, follow his teachings and God will bless your life abundantly. And in 1 Corinthians 5:16-17, the Holy Spirit in Saint Paul tells us, “Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

In John 8:12, Jesus spoke again to the people saying, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life." Make a difference in this world by helping others know Jesus in you and see the light ... Let your light shine brightly now!

And in Matthew 6:33, Jesus said, " Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Live with true peace, see and feel the blessings and fulfillment that come upon your life when you do what is good for others as compared when you judge and cause pain in others which can bring so much stress, conflict and even illness in your life."

To Our Youth and The Weary, "Hope and Trust in God and Be Generous"

Herewith is a related inspirational message from the letter of St. Paul to the young Timothy (1Timothy 6:17-19), which states, “Command those who are rich in the present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”

Monday, May 25, 2015

"Jesus is Real - An Attestation to the Truth and 'Divine Logic,' and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence," Pinoy Blogger post

Divine Logic God wants us to be happy in this life as we glorify Christ's Jesus in us, our loving God and Master, being One Spirit with The Father, He is our friend at the same time, He being caring, kind and merciful, compassionate for He gives us hope, an everlasting hope that will never disappoint, for He knows who we are, He being all knowing, and He is in us and everywhere, He being omniscient, He knows the answers about what is true in this life, and God's 'word,' may tells us in the Holy Bible, if only we open our hearts to Him, He who is the power from inside of us, in unity with the Holy Spirit comes Him who is as perfect as God can be, the only begotten Son of God, we are pleased to have Him as God incarnate, as the 'word made flesh.'

He knows what is best for us, He is our Lord and Savior, the true Messiah to judge the living and the dead.

As 'the author of life,' affirmed by Saint Peter, He repays us of our bad deeds and repays and rewards us for our good deeds, and as we open our hearts to Him, in the pureness of our soul, He may reveal Himself to us, His loving presence in our humbled hearts, touching our souls with His embrace, One with God's embrace in His visitation, in the faithfulness of your hearts He may touch you as His chosen one, ready to spread what is true in the gospel, for you to lived up to your mission of being witness of many miracles of faith, miracles you may feel and see not only from your very eyes, but from the many eyes of your faithful soul, His 'words' and teaching touching your kind and contrite heart, to many revelations in signs you may see from the heavens above, from the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, or from many events in your life, as you ponder in the tranquility of your soul, in the silence of your heart, comes His thoughts in your thoughts, or you may hear Him talk or whisper to you, like an angel in your conscience, for the many vessels of truth tells Him what is true about you and the world in the many evens that may come, all attuned to His 'word' for the Holy Spirit is the God of prophetic spirits.

He has condemned evil and will always will, so are the instruments of evil and darkness from among them comes the wicked, the filthy, the murderers, those who have lived with death in their flesh in the misdeeds of the body.

Being one with Him in our love of others sees us in His fullness, as Christ lives in us as the 'fullness of God' in us.

Evil has ruled many of us in this life because of our wrong ways, more evil has comes to invade or peace and true happiness, where instead of believing in Christ as our only Master, we believe in other gods where the false god in Mammon lives in our 'ego,' the engine that builds an unseen wall from within us blinding us of God's truth without us realizing it, we may have allowed him to rule our minds, the devil, the alien in us, where the brain made of flesh may come out unfiltered in the corruption of our minds, corruptions of worldly things blinding us of the light that may free us from all deceptions from darkness, for in this ever shining light is Jesus the Christ, from where greater wisdom may come, all in what is true in 'divine logic,'

The Holy Spirit in us, comes to guide us in 'divine logic,' in the light of the 'word,' where from 'divine wisdom,' comes the filtering of darkness from corrupted 'human wisdom.'

From light to light comes the Almighty power of God comes the One True God from the same Spirit of God, a personification of the Holy Trinity.

For if God is Almighty and all powerful, all knowing, omniscient and omnipotent, 'with God all things are possible.'

It is will remain our 'ego' to block us of this eternal truth, where one faithful Catholic religious director says of  'ego,' an acronym that means, 'edging out God.'

For indeed, 'ego' in 'eros,' a Greek term as the lowest form of love, it tells us of our love of 'self.'

If you feel you have it, may the light shine upon you and see from deep within your mind what 'self pity' means.

As time may pass, as one gets humbled, are we not hating ourselves for we only love ourselves?

If you have experience a great wondrous feeling of being loved by others, better than loving yourself, or a great feeling of peace and happiness in your love of your spouse, your son or daughter, a child you may not know but touches your soul in his suffering, is this not loving others, is this not a greater gift that we may see in our Creator who made sure that it is in loving others in truth, that we may see our love grows connecting ourselves to the greater wisdom from beyond our minds, the spirit from within us that connects to the Spirit of God,

Is this not how God created us, out of His love for us He created us, and the key there is, "He has loved us first,"

In 1 John 4:19, "We love because He first loved us."

Do we not see this in our Creator, do we not see this in Jesus who died for us in the forgiveness of our sins, that in Him, we may have everlasting life?

Do we not feel Jesus in our hearts of love?

Do we not feel our loved one in our hearts of love?

If God has given us freedom with our own 'free will,' may we see 'greater freedom' in our obedience to Him, for He taught us, "love of God and love of others," as God's greatest commandment, and this is LOVING in TRUTH, with no malice or guilt in our hearts, where in the pureness of our soul seeing 'agape love,' the highest from of love, leading us to God's unconditional love, is this not TRUE FAITH in us, leading us to the 'WORD' of God, where the light is adding LIFE to others in our LOVE, a love that is TRUE?

If we cannot love in truth, as we really FREE from within?

If something from inside us bothers us, is this not because we FAIL to FORGIVE, as a component of loving others in truth, even LOVING our ENEMIES to become our life long friends?

If we know that in these, comes the many miracles of our faith, that more may see the fruits of God's love in them and in their household, for they have believed in His 'word.'

Will the many death in wars, bloodshed in many crimes of violence and destruction, homelessness among the poor, is it not our spirit of truth, where our faithfully departed are now living forever with The Lord, telling us, to open our hearts to God and see how we can mend our broken hearts, that from the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His vessels of truth, come our holiness, that Christ may reveal Himself to us with tears of joy in our hearts seeing many people and children saved from destruction and division of relationships, and illnesses caused by man's pride, he who may think, "I am better than God, I don't need Him for I have a mind of my own."

As he may be humbled in illness, in death and suffering of his household and neighbors, will he then see the signs from God that our human minds may always see us defiled by evil words, leading us to sinfulness, where death may comes nearer with the many demons that may add in our sinful lives.

Where is true education then leading to our salvation?

The 'word' of God, and truth in the gospel free us from the corruption of our souls, where truth in 'divine logic' bring us to life, forever with Christ, as worthy and true children of God.

"Love begets love, hate begets hate, but, in God's light comes the 'word' that gives us lasting peace and happiness, for in His light comes 'true faith' as victory over all of darkness and evil in this life in the corruption of our minds (KJOH)."

Many of us suffer because of our fears, our negativity binds us to evil and sin, that we are blinded by our ego to see the Spirit of Christ in us to seek true happiness in life, many of us fail to see what is true in our spirit, to see what is meant by 'letting go' and 'letting God' rule our lives for in our love, comes God's Kingdom in our hearts and souls, witnessing and proclaiming the true miracles of faith that may come as we live in God's grace.

It is the Holy Spirit who wants me to share in God's truth, the truth of our being, that more may be set free, leading to the joys of living in God's Kingdom, which we may feel in our lifetime, as we seek God's righteousness in Christ Jesus our true Messiah, and every believer of this eternal truth may feel His fullness in his heart.

How can we see true joy, peace and happiness if we come to satisfy ourselves first before others?

God has created us 'not' one or two, but many, that we may share our love for one another.

We may have a family of our own to spend this life together, that before we were born, God knew what path we will be taking, all in God's 'divine plan,' He knowing what is in our hearts.

Is it living in God's words and living in the Spirit of God that we may fully understand this mystery?

We may not, as long as we have a hardened mind, fail to understand this mystery and truth, but one thing I have noticed, as I have learned to believe in God's words, surrendering everything in this world at the foot of His cross, my material and emotional pride, has given me much peace and joy from within.

Only then did I realize, with my humbled and contrite heart, that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my only Master, the same feeling that King David may have felt, with The Lord as his Good Shepherd, for in him, there is nothing that he may want to guide and protect him from darkness and evil.

Many miracles in my life have occurred, from my total healing in spirit and in body, to the many blessings that I have seen in my family, so long as I need not worry, just be my best for Jesus and for the love of others, while I work for The Lord in service of Him who has shown me great love and mercy despite all my inequities, in Him I have come to be strong in my spirit, that I may enlighten others to His light, to His 'word,' to His ways.

In Christ's fullness in my being, I have learned not to entertain any malice against another, for everyone needs to be loved and given value, as I may enlighten more people of what Jesus' teaches, how to love in truth, and how to love in the Spirit of God, avoiding to bear false witness against another, for in our 'ego,' we may always fail to enlighten, when in truth, in the humility our hearts, this is when we may see the light in the many eyes of our soul, it is our faith in His 'word' answering the many mysteries of God in my life, and so with the true faithful, with God, many have been set free from the bondage of sin, with no 'ego' to blind them, with The Lord, no fear of darkness and death my bind them from darkness, for light consumes darkness in their souls, where the light of God's everlasting love and mercy shines from within.

God wants to remind us that we have His Ten Commandments to follow and obey, and as Christ came forth conceived in virgin birth through Mary, our Blessed Mother, the mother of God, to live in the Spirit of God as the Son of the forever living God, again, He wants us to follow God's greatest commandments, all summed up to:  loving God with all our hearts, mind and souls, with all our strength; and loving others as God loves us. or as we love ourselves.

Jesus has come to fulfill the Law and not to abolish it, and it is 'love' in truth that He has come to teach.

Again, many things in this world come unfiltered, as we may rely only on 'human knowledge,' all based on 'human intelligence' and 'human wisdom,' is this not what the serpent promised Eve and Adam, the knowledge of 'good and evil,' where he comes short of defining the difference of 'good and evil' in the flesh, where human wisdom rules, not on 'good and evil in truth,' where truth is in the 'word?'

Where is then that filtering element, as you may open your heart to God, the filtering element is in God's words, for God's words are 'active and ever alive,' forever they will be, all in the Holy Bible, complete we you may read from the original text, from NAB (New American Bible), where the Spirit of God in us can best explain to us what has been revealed to the chosen scribes of truth, where only our spirit where God is present in us, may reveal what is true in the bible verses, however one natural person may interpret it (revealed in the salvation tool), the truth is in our spirit, where the vessels of truth from the Holy Spirit, the holy ones in our hearts of love, comes to our souls as gifts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of what is divine, may we see or perceive from the many eyes given to us by The Lord of Light, from our faithful soul.

Indeed, in the light of Christ, no evil may hide, His truth sets us free.

The devil deceives the many from what is true in this life, that is why many of us do things evil because of money and things passing, with them comes an imperfect time, made imperfect as we sin in their imperfection.

But when will all these become perfect?

In our perfection in Christ, read more on the 'salvation tool' and be freed.

Look around you, whom do you think is the 'false' master, is it not money and things material, where all things passing we may see in the essence of 'time and space,' comes the truth that in this temporary life, is this not God testing us of our faith?

Many are lost as they put their ego first, where evil may see in us our weakness, where we may lie in the flesh, then may come more misdeeds of the flesh.

Believing in truth in 'divine logic' may reveal to us the truth in this life, depending on how deep is our faith, or on how we may see our faith increased on how much things meaningless that we may need to surrender before The Lord, is this not how we may grow in spirit?

How may we humble ourselves to God, to keep our hearts and minds fertile?

Like 'humus' that grows in our souls to remove our blindness from 'true faith,' where in our seeing souls, the many eyes, God reveals in us the many eyes of His Spirit passed on to our souls, that we may see the true meaning of God's love in us, through Christ Jesus as The Lamb of God possessing the ever shining light, He remains our one and only true Master in this life, our one and only true Lord, as the King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords, our final Judge as the forever living Messiah in our faithful hearts.

Again, we may totally be missing the whole point in this life, which is the 'love' of our Creator in us, and the 'love of Jesus' in us, that we may understand in full the purpose of our being, for Jesus is 'the way, the truth and the life.'

Giving back to Him His truth, is our love for one another, in truth, and see us blessed as we may not doubt, in the perseverance of our faith, and see greater miracles of faith and healing may happen before our very eyes.

Verily, God loves us and wants us back in Christ Jesus, His only begotten Son who ransomed us from sins and evil, that we may have everlasting life in us in the forgiveness of sins, for Jesus is 'love' as God is, and His divine message to us all is 'not to hate,' or we become a 'liar' like the devil when we hate, and how can we be redeemed from 'hellish life' if there is malice in our hearts, as in the revelation of 'Truth in Purgatory' to Saint Catherine of Genoa (links seen from the salvation tool)?

Whoever has seen Jesus has seen The Father, for they belong to One Spirit, the Spirit of God, and where Jesus is the true 'Word of God,' where every word that comes from His mouth are so absolute and so true and perfect; His words are 'active and alive' piercing through our body, our souls, and penetrates down to our bone and marrow that we may know the attitudes of the heart, and his words are as perfect as God can be, for He is God 'incarnate.'

If we utter the same words to help enlighten, the words coming out from thee mouth of God, in all these, we are made instruments of Him who is in us, where His Spirit rules our soul, it is our humbled soul in the obedience of our hearts, that we may become a servant leader of His cause, sharing His light.

If we get misunderstood when we boast of Him, blessed are they who may fail to understand. May the light of Christ, One with the Holy Spirit, shine upon them that they too may possess His consuming light.

If we have proven ourselves deserving of God's love, Christ's listens, that in our prayers for our loved ones, our dearly faithfully departed, we may feel them in our being that they in us, in our hearts of love, are now 'like angels' in heaven, where we feel God's love in us as it is in God's love in them, where in our hearts we may feel God's heavenly Kingdom from within, for Christ is in us, they all lived forever in Christ, in them is the truth in our spirit, the truth that Jesus has already conquered the world that He now judges the living and the dead, He now repays those mortally living of our conduct, and rewards those who do good deeds, that we must hold each other's arms to proclaim of God's truth and be one with Christ in our journey through life.

In the 'breaking of the bread,' comes our unity of our love for one another, bearing with one another all of our imperfections, for we are all sinners in this imperfect life, that from within us, may we be touched by The Holy Spirit to continue to love and forgive, in all these, cleansed by His blood in the Holy Eucharist, comes our perfection in Christ Jesus.

"The time to live in God's glory is 'now,'" that more may see God's Kingdom from within, and the cross as the power of God, may save us, by the cross may we renew our lives in the righteousness and holiness of Christ who died for us.

It remains The Father to chose the ones to live in His vine that He nourishes, by 'divine plan,' He knows what is true in our hearts, that in the glory of The Lamb comes His glory as The Father.

All these truth come from the Holy Scripture, and they remain true forever.

Jesus is the Lamb in the love of The Father and of the human race, as the new creation, that He has to send His Son, to set us free from the sins of our fore-parents, in Adam and Eve.

It is funny we are doing the many sins of Adam and Eve, the sins of pride, is this not the same sins in the 'idolatry of our souls?'

Is this not where false prophets come though wrong and misguided beliefs by way of atheism, agnostics, and non-Christian believers, is this not the lies of the serpent that death may come upon us where we put Mammon as our false god, in money, lust which may create in us living from among the wicked, the filthy and the dogs, unable to control our mouth and our actions in the misdeeds and vanity of the flesh?

Going back to truthfulness may we see 'divine logic' guiding us to our true purpose in this life, where God may lead us back to His only begotten Son, and the Blessed Mother in Mary, in her many apparitions, she wants us to go back to her Son in Christ Jesus, and to stay in His light that true joy and peace may reign in our hearts, so in the hearts of many as we may come together in our faith, sharing the joys of living with The Lord, in His heavenly Kingdom from within us..

The realities of life makes everything passing, meaningless and imperfect.

The prince of darkness, the devil, may never stop deceiving us, not until we may see from within us the truth in possessing God's heavenly Kingdom in us, that we may become a living witness of God's many miracles as we prosper true love, true peace and true joy from our hearts.

The perfection of God's love remains in us, as we may not fear anything of evil, where fear of death follows.

While many things in this life may come imperfect, have you not noticed, do we not see our perfection when we see and feel Christ's holiness and righteousness in us?

As Jesus said after the arrest of Saint John the baptist, "The time is fulfilled, The Kingdom of God is near," as in Mark 1:15 (NIV), "...repent and believe in the gospel,"

"Jesus comes our everlasting hope, comes true peace and joy in our hearts (KJOH)."

It is evil that rules our flesh if we allow our 'ego,' affected by the evil virus, to control our being.

If we fail in understanding because of our 'pride,' is it not our 'ego' that blocks us from learning the truth from within?

Truth in 'divine logic,' in the truth in our spirit, where 'living in the Spirit of God makes us more powerful than living in the flesh,' how then can we ever reconcile eternal truth from the lies of the flesh?

'Love of 'self' (ego), remains the hindrance to true peace and joy in this life.

How can we be freed from our slavery to sin, if we force ourselves to believe that the root cause comes from our 'ego,' leading us to believing that we are better God?

But can we be God?

In mortal death, we cannot be God, but our witnessing of God's heavenly Kingdom is within our hearts of love, coupled with the many miracles of faith that may come along, in healing, in wondrous gifts of talents in us and in our household, in life being added to us as we may escape death in many ways for God's grace is in us in the any events that may come to test our faith, are these not signs from God than His heavenly Kingdom is in us.

If we see deceptions in the corruption of others with things passing, do we not see the truth in the 'word?'

Jesus said, "Anyone who finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it," as in Matthew 10:39 (NIV).

See this reality before our very eyes, the signs of God in our life are real and true, that by His 'word' comes our salvation, adding life to us, adding miracles for Christ Jesus is the bread of life, and the ever shining light that leads us to salvation, where in our hearts of love, we may see a glimpse of the 'new heaven the the new earth' living by God's grace, by God's truth in His light.

If we see us healed with healing herbs, in Ben Sira or Sirach chapter 38 of the Old Testament, we see the 'word' of God leading us back to health and life with healing herbs that God blesses and nourishes to be used by doctors blessed by God, keeping true to their faith.

[Read on:  Evil Virus Spread by Our Ego]

It is 'human logic' that will lead us to the truth in 'divine logic,' as we may learn to open our hearts to God, open our hearts to the love of God, that in Christ, we may see God's love for us blessing us in abundance in our spirit, and in things material and passing as God may allow, and as the Holy Spirit may give us spiritual gifts, so with gifts of knowledge in the love of one another.

All these come from God, through Christ Jesus, who is the light of creation and the light of truth in the Spirit of God, all these we may fully understand as we read on the 'salvation tool,' "Jesus is Real - An Attestation to the Truth, and 'Divine Logic,' and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence."

Get the printed version that you may share with others of what is true in the Spirit of God, all these inspired by the Holy Spirit, where in truth,

God has revealed Himself to me, and all these I share in the many miracles of life.

That in the light of truth comes healing of every family, every nations and of the whole world in the Spirit of God, where Christ Jesus is, he is everywhere, as the fullness of the Deity in bodily form, he is above all things and above all authority, again, as true Messiah, he comes to judge us all, the living and the dead, in this life, in this world, and in the after life, where we all connect with one another in our love for each other, that no evil may rule us, whence we may see, from within our hearts, the Kingdom of God is in us.

May peace and joy come to our hearts of gold, our kindness and generosity of our loving hearts bring us to Christ's fullness in our being, that more lives may be saved as more may see God's Kingdom in their hearts of love,

Where is war, hatred, lust and selfishness if we have the Spirit of God in our being, where Christ reigns forever in 'true faith,' by His grace we live.

Your reactions will be greatly appreciated as you may see greater revelations from the Holy Spirit reading in full the 'salvation tool' on 'Divine Logic,' as we may give value to one another, in truth and in the love of Christ.

May we see God's fullness in your being in Christ, for 'God's words' are forever eternal and will never pass away.

Blessings to you all as we continue to pray for one another to spread what is true in the light of Christ.


  1. The truth of our being is in the 'salvation tool' where Jesus is the way to living forever, in his fullness, to eternal life.

    And see why 'divine logic' is far more truthful and more powerful than 'human logic.'

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